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Based on Grimm’s Snow White & Anne Sexton’s poem of the same name, we are exploring the themes from the point of view of the stepmother/queen: youth versus age and loss of youth; perceptions of women as they age and why powerful, beautiful women are depicted as evil in many stories and often in societies in general.

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Photograph: Duncan Smith | Styling: Sarah Cosgrove

Creative Team

Creator / Performer - Sarah Cosgrove

This is Sarah's second production, having recently completed her debut piece, which was digitally shown at MANIPULATE Festival, earlier this year.

Now she is collaborating with Melanie Jordon, the co-Artistic Director of multi award-winning theatre company Jordan & Skinner.

Director - Melanie Jordan

Photograph by: Gladys Yelland

Melanie is a director, actor and theatre maker based in Glasgow, creating performance in theatres, on screens and on streets which is visually driven, physically dynamic and exposes our shared humanity with curiosity and humour.


As co-Artistic Director of multi award-winning theatre company Jordan & Skinner (Sanitise, At A Stretch, A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego) she is a Fellow with Barbican, London and Associate Artist with Platform, Easterhouse. Melanie is also Physical Theatre Practitioner with Surge where she creates outdoor performance with community groups and professionals.


Further directing credits include Once You See the Smoke and DRIP//SLICK//SPILL by Scottish Youth Theatre’s National Ensemble, Slug by Visible Fictions, Imaginary Forests by Rowenbank Circus, and Scotland’s Clown Cabaret.

Film Maker

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao

Sound Design

Dr Linda O Keeffe

Lighting Design

Laura Hawkins

Social Media

Mary Hardie